VIP Visa™ (registered as VIPLAND Ltd #12987685 in England and Wales) is a private visa, immigration and citizenship consultancy firm that provides individuals, families and corporations with advice, guidance and support with their needs for their desired destinations and is located at Second Floor, Berkeley House, Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 6BD.

In order to use our website and our services, you must agree to our “Purchase Policy”. Therefore, please read the following carefully as they set out the terms on which you purchase services through VIP Visa™ platforms including features, content, applications, websites, mobile apps, or widgets offered by VIP Visa™. These may be referred to as “Service(s)”, “Purchase(s)” or “Program(s)”. We may change these Purchase Terms from time to time so please check our website for any updates to ensure you are informed regarding our latest and updated terms. Your continued use of the Site or Services following any update to these Terms is indicative of your consent and considered an acceptance of our “Terms and Conditions”, “Privacy Policy” and “Purchase Policy”, notwithstanding.

General Terms

1.1 Any purchase of any Service, consultation or counsel or otherwise acquired through the Site (referred to within this Policy as “Purchase” or “Service”) is subject to:
a. These Purchase Terms,
b. Terms and Conditions,
c. Privacy Policy,
d. Cookie Preferences,
e. The laws and standard regulations for trading in England regarding payment, immigration, citizenship and residency.
f. Any additional terms and conditions of the relevant Embassies and Consulate Office(s) based on clients’ enquiries.

1.2 We facilitate the “Purchase” of services associated with the arrangement of visas, citizenship and residency, as well as other concierge services. Please note, the refusal of visas, citizenship and/or residency applications is at the sole discretion of the Embassies and their Consular Offices. VIP Visa™ is not involved in the process of granting or rejecting the visa applications of any applicant. VIP Visa is not in any way liable or responsible for late appointments by Consulates and Embassies, or any delay in processing or accepting submitted applications.

1.3 By means of the provision of any Purchase or Service, the applicant accepts and confirms that applicant and/or his/her representative has, prior to submitting the visa and immigration consultancy application, read, understood and agreed to be bound by, without limitation or qualification, to all of the terms, conditions and details outlined.

1.4 Any changes to the granting of a travel document occurring after you have Purchased a service (such as changes to the date/time, location, or an appointment cancellation) are the sole responsibility of the Embassy or Consulate involved.

1.5 The “Applicant” bears the risk of any refusal, whether occurring prior to, during, or after the submission of their application(s). All services and consultation appointments are final and conclusive, and NO REFUNDS or EXCHANGES are permitted UNLESS expressly permitted otherwise by our firm in writing. Once received by our offices from the applicant(s), our service charge will not be refundable under any circumstances, irrespective of whether or not the desired Visa or Residency and Citizenship program is granted by the related Embassies or officials.

1.6 Identified Applicant is responsible for providing authentic, truthful, accurate and error-free data, complying with international travel requirements and following the latest travel advice. This also includes Applicant’s responsibility to conform to security protocols, local laws and customs; you are advised and required to visit your local government website and check this regularly as advice is updated frequently.

1.7 Any payment(s) made by Applicant, must be deposited through bank transfer or other recognised third-party online platforms. Please note all payments are subject to the laws and standard regulations for trading and payment transfer in England.

Non-Service Items

We may make certain “Non-Service” Items available for purchase via the Site or through advice and consultation (including goods, services and digital contents). These items and services are still included as a Purchase within this Policy. Therefore, any Non-Service Item purchased through the Site is also subject to items listed in 1.1.

Liability, Limits on Liability and Compensation

3.1 VIP Visa™ and/or any of its directors, employees, agents, and etc, shall have no responsibility and/or liability of any nature, for any reason whatsoever for any delays, for loss of or damage to any given visa applications, passports or other documents, caused by, or occurring whilst any application, passport or document is in the possession of, any third party postal or courier service, including, during the process of transportation of visa applications, passport or other documents from the Embassy and when being returned to the Applicant. VIP Visa™, will, in no given event, be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages, including but not limited to loss of capital and investment by the Applicant, even if such damage was reasonably foreseeable and even if VIP Visa has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

3.2 VIP Visa is not responsible and claims no liability for the acts or omissions of persons who are not acting as its employees. Although VIP Visa may contract or associate with other businesses and organisations, it has no control over these entities and cannot be held responsible for any action or omission, including the actions or omissions of their subsequent servants, agents, solicitors or employees.

3.3 VIP Visa will work to facilitate expert legal advice and the most accurate and relevant information for Applicants; however, Applicants are still responsible and required to research and use their own judgement in making decisions regarding travel, immigration and residency. Although we make reasonable efforts to update the information on our site, we make no representations, warranties or guarantees, whether express or implied, that the content on our site is accurate, complete or up to date.

3.4 VIP Visa imparts general information regarding passport and visa requirements for Applicants’ trips. Applicant’s specific passport, visa requirements and other immigration prerequisites are the Applicant’s responsibility. VIP Visa nor the associated Embassies and/or Consulates, accept any responsibility if you have not complied with standard laws, entry requirements or immigration concerns provisioned by relevant border agencies, immigration officers or other officials in the regions you are traveling or transiting through.

3.5 Health facilities as well as hygiene and disease risks vary worldwide, therefore, you should obtain health advice on your specific needs as early as possible. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have fully complied with all health and immunisation requirements of the countries you may be visiting or transiting through. You are responsible to ensure you are fit for travel and should check with your doctor before making any travel plans if you have any concerns. If you have any significant or critical health conditions, you are strongly advised to disclose this with your advisor or consultant at VIP Visa.

3.6 VIP Visa shall have no liability for any loss, such as loss of capital, profit, investment, revenue, goodwill, reputation, and loss of anticipated savings arising out of the failure or delay in performing the services hereunder or otherwise in connection with these terms, or for any indirect, special or consequential damage.

Cancellations and Changes

4.1 Once you have Purchased a service, it CANNOT BE REFUNDED. VIP Visa™ is a full-service immigration and consular advice firm, the Purchases offered are subject to administrative costs that Applicant will always be liable to pay; regardless of any success or failure of application.

4.2 Any changes, adjustments and altercations, cancellations or revocations of given Visa, Citizenship & Residency Programs or the process(es) by which they are offered by said Embassies and Consulate Offices, does not obligate VIP Visa to arrange alternative options. VIP Visa may offer of a different “Program” in an attempt to fulfil client requests. The suggested Program may exist under a different name and condition or may be generated as a customised plan to meet the client’s expectation. VIP Visa is at full discretion to decide which options are offered and presented to said client.

4.3 VIP Visa is not liable or responsible in cases in which changes, adjustments, modifications or cancellations are actioned due to unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances beyond VIP Visa’s control (examples may include strikes, terrorist activities, actions of governments or other state bodies that interrupt our services, blockades and embargos, natural disasters, public health emergencies, war and invasion and acts of God). VIP Visa is not liable or responsible even when the consequences of these changes could have been avoided if different actions had been made.

4.4 If an Embassy or Consular office notifies us of any changes to any travel conditions, immigration circumstances, visa processes or any other significant changes, we will inform you of said changes. Where possible and appropriate we will arrange reimbursements. We are committed to facilitating any other possible arrangements but are not liable for an inability to accommodate changes. VIP Visa is at full discretion in administering, offering or refusing to offer these arrangements.

4.5 Please note, a cancellation MUST be written, in writing signed by the Applicant, or representative that signed the application initially. If you cancel any Service or Purchase, for any reason, VIP Visa will still be entitled to retain the payment made. VIP Visa is at full discretion to consider if any payments can be levied.

4.6 VIP Visa may cancel your application if outstanding payments are not made within the agreed time period, and the Applicant will be liable for any cancellation charges incurred. This may also occur if you, the Applicant, or your representative, decide to amend or modify your Purchase, unless agreed upon and accepted by VIP Visa before any and all revisions are made.

4.7 It is unlikely that your order for booking a consultation, submitting an application, requesting a residency and citizenship by investment program or relevant Purchase will be cancelled by VIP Visa. We will only cancel Purchases in cases where no other options are available or suitable, but any cancellation will be subject to our outlined Terms and Conditions. The discernment of what is suitable for cancellation is at VIP Visa’s discretion.

4.8 VIP Visa will not reimburse the cost of Purchased service(s); however, VIP Visa may offer Purchase to be EXCHANGED for credit to be used within a period of twelve (12) months. This may be offered in cases where certain “Program(s)” have been discontinued, or completely revoked or wherein which domestic and/or international travel conditions have altered significantly. VIP Visa is under no obligation to accommodate this EXCHANGE and is at full discretion to decide the terms of exchange and how the credit is allocated.


5.1 Any complaints, grievances and dissatisfaction between you, the Applicant, and VIP Visa, the Supplier, should be communicated and addressed directly with the parties involved. This communication will be accepted only via recognised channels of communication by way of writing to us via our contact page or submitting a ticket by signing in to your account.

5.2 If there are complaints and concerns during the provision of a given Service or Purchase; regarding any consultation, the arrangement of travel logistics, in allocating appointments or before and after the issue of any recognised travel document, the Applicant is responsible for communicating these issues immediately. If Applicant fails to follow this procedure, failing to communicate grievances in a timely manner, there will be less opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint, likely causing delay in any further action, if action is taken.

5.3 VIP Visa will consider and manage received complaints, but is not liable for any issues, damages or losses during the provision of any Service or Purchase. VIP Visa is also not liable to satisfy customers demands. If any errors or faults are recognised by VIP Visa, we will, where possible, accommodate accordingly. VIP Visa is under no obligation to accommodate any requests and is at full discretion to decide what action will be taken.

5.4 VIP Visa will pay no compensation to you, Applicant, or given representative, for any failure to properly preform its services hereunder, where the failure is attributed to you, the Applicant.

5.5. Where VIP Visa is required to pay you compensation, whether as provided in these Agency Terms or otherwise, VIP Visa’s liability to pay compensation shall be limited in all circumstances to an absolute aggregate maximum liability of the total price paid by you for the specific Services related to any given complaint.

Suspected Fraud

6.1 We have the right to remove or revoke your Purchase and provide a full refund to the payment card account holder if your Purchase is suspected of being fraudulent and/or if we have grounds to suspect that Services were purchased using a stolen card.

6.2 We are not obliged to notify you of the removal, revocation or refund of this Purchase, nor provide you with any detail of the Suspected Fraud. This is to ensure that those committing fraud are not alerted to the methods of investigation.